Bali Yoga Academy

Yoga Intensive Study
(Yoga alliance 200hours teachers training)


Asanas:  definition, symbolic, structure, alignment, analyse, contra indications, affects,
counter poses, adjusting.
improve the breathing capacity, classic pranayamas pro and contras,   
connection breath and emotions, the respiratory system.
The pelvic floor and the core muscles mula bandha, core stability,
energy flow, abdominal core and uddyana bandha, jalandhara and jiva bandha
Surya namaskar: Variations for all levels, corrections,
Sat karmas: nostril cleansing, stomach cleansing, colon cleansing,
nerve cleansing diet, silence.
Meditation: how to teach, how to support the inner experience, inner view as a way
to communicate with ourselves, the responsibility of a teacher, intuition.

Anatomy: Intro to main Boons, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons,
Body motions: Flexion, extension, abduction. Adduction, rotation, etc…
Asana analyse: a deep understanding of the body language

Anusara 3 A’s and universal principals of alignment.
Yoga attitude, the ethic behind yoga.
Astanga yoga, what is relevant for us now in 21 century.
Astanga sadhana, a spiritual structure for the yoga class

The law of karma and its understanding.
Panca Kosha the five bodies.
Cakra, the anatomy of the subtle body.
Mantras, a way to express joy and life, and how to learn Sanskrit and the voice in a funny way.
Samkhya, a cosmology based in a scientific approach to the vibrations.
Vedanta, the experience of God´s grace in here and now.
tantra, the realisation of the divine in everything and everyone……
all three the base of the yoga philosophy….
and how to integrate this knowledge in our daily life.

What is the vision for this training, and your life.